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Be Our Official Brand Ambassador

A company chooses a celebrity as brand ambassador to be the "face" of the company but here at Golden Time we do things differently, we think you don't have to be a celebrity for brand ambassador. We Believe every single women is a celebrity of a kind that is why we call them "STARLETS - A young lady with aspirations to become a star".

Exclusive Offer's for you

1. Cashback Upto 50% of order.

2. Exclusive Discount of 10%+20% off on all purchase.

3. Free Pearl Earrings as gifts on every purchase.

4. Monthly giveaways for our top Ambassador.

5. Grow your social following by leveraging our community page.


Here are the steps for being one of us :

1. Place order using coupon code COLLABORATE3, to get 30% off.

2. As soon as you will receive you order, you have to click a few pictures & a short video of yourself wearing the ornament.

3. Share it to our whatsapp, Instagram or E-mail.

4. We will use them photos and video's as reels and posts on our Instagram profile as well as community page on our website.

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